LawnBot LB3500 Review- The LawnBot Exterior

Lawnbott LB3500

Notice the sleek design and muscle look? All it needs is a hood ornament!

Good Looks and Available (For Now)

WOW! What else can you say?  The LawnBott LB3500 does it belong on your driveway or in your yard?  If you think it looks good in pictures, just wait until you see it in motion!

Size and Weight

At 28lbs for with the standard 2 battery configuration and slightly less than 47lbs for the full 6 battery configuration, the LawnBot LB3500 weighs far less than a Robomower RL1000.  The LB3500 is 19w X 26l X 11h.  Making it larger than the Evolution but smaller than the Robomower.

One of the early concerns of the LawnBott Evolution is the smallish size.  LawnBott has answered this without sacrificing mobility.  The turn radius of the LB3500 is remarkably tight for such a big fellow.

Li-on battery

14 inch blade and one piece bottom

Spiked Tires

Yikes! Look at the length of the spikes!

What's Underneath?

The 14 inch blade is 2 inches longer than the LawnBott Evolution.  The mowing motor is more than 25% more powerful, spinning at 4,000 RPM.  I'll let the engineers figure out what the tip speed is versus the 12 inch blade of the Evolution at 3,200 RPM.  For the rest of us the correct answer is plenty fast enough to cut through even St. Augustine grass.

The LawnBott blade is also bent.  This gives added stability and eliminates the wobble of a straight blade.  As the blade spins up it does flatten out somewhat.

The thin blade cuts very well even if not sharpened for a while.

LawnBott Blade

A- is how your grass should look

The bottom is all one piece versus the metal plate under the Evolution.  From time to time the old Evolution blade would strike and even cut the back plate.  That problem is now solved.

As with the Evolution, there is no place for grass to clump together.  The Robomower has  chambers where wet grass can get compacted and gunk things up.

Notice how far the blade is from the nose and rear?  This is one of the many added safety features we will discuss later.


What about where the rubber meets the lawn?  I am not too thrilled with the wheels, the stock wheels don't really provide the gripping power on tall grass.  Actually, I don't know if it is wheel design, the light weight of the mower, or the rapid acceleration that causes the wheels to spin like a dragster.

The good news is the wheels will have an optional spiked tire that is head and shoulders above those of the Evolution.

The spiked tires have a lot more gripping power and will still not cut the wire like the Evolution hooked wheels.  Spiked tires on the LawnBott LB3500 are highly recommended!

Li-on battery

Front and side Touch Proximity Sensors

Li-on battery

Back Touch Proximity Sensors

Proximity Sensors

The Touch Proximity Sensors detect contact and immediately shut off the blade.  This is a nice safety feature. Although not entirely fool-proof, it goes a long way in LawnBott's commitment to making this mower ready for the mass market.

The pick up bar as well as another touch bar in the back make it unnatural for anyone to pick up this mower without trigger the safety sensors. 

Li-on battery

The back panel display and rain sensor

Rain Sensor

The rain sensor now is perpendicular to the ground where as the LawnBott Evolution is parallel.  I do not know if it is an improvement or just different.  Nevertheless, it works quite well.

Back Panel

The back panel acts like the LawnBott Evolution.  The buttons look different but function the same.  Added is a big Emergency Stop Button to the left of the panel.

The cascading menu still has no back-up, so if you are scrolling the menu and go past what you were looking for, you are still going to have to scroll all the way through again.  This is a minor annoyance since actually programming the mower is a fairly rare event after initial setup.

Actually, if you have a Bluetooth device, this is not a problem because everything is configurable remotely.


The outer shell is totally weather proof and fade resistant.  The case is water tight sealed against rain (but not falling into pools or ponds).  The LawnBott LB3500 is meant to be kept outdoors in the worst mowing season whether hard rains or the Arizona sun.

The shell will not crack or fade over time.

If you are impressed by the exterior, just wait until you see what is under the hood!  WOW factor 2X!

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Technical Information 
Coverage38,000 sq/ft
Coverage Per Hour3,100 sq/ft
Mower Size (Length x Width x Height)26x19x11
Weight with Battery28 lbs.
Cutting Disc4 blade
Cutting Width14
Cutting Height1-3
Cutting Speed65 feet/minute
Average Working Time3 hours
Charging Time2.5 hours
Battery TypeLithium Ion x 2
Hill Capability30 degrees
Auto RechargeYES
Auto ProgrammingYES
Rain SensorYES
Remote ControlBluetooth
Drive System2WD
Software Update by InternetYES

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