LawnBott LB3500 Review- Lawnbott Bluetooth

Robmower RL1000 Comparison

LawnBott LB3500 with Blueteeth Bluetooth

LawnBott Bluetooth

LawnBott LB3500 with Bluetooth Introduction Screen

Robmower RL1000 Comparison

LawnBott LB3500 with Bluetooth remote driving screen

LawnBott LB3500 with Bluetooth Main Menu Screen

Robmower RL1000 Comparison

LawnBott LB3500 with Bluetooth sample of the many programming choices


I was so excited when I heard the LawnBott LB3500 was going to be programmable through Bluetooth.  It has a maximum range of 300 ft.  Visions of controlling my LawnBott LB3500 from my laptop and PDA danced through my head.  WRONG!

I found out later it had to be "A midlet Bluetooth (JSR-82)"  phone, whatever that is.  If you are unfamiliar with programming a telephone using Bluetooth, then you are in for quite an adventure.  I will leave this tutorial for another article.  I will say this, once you have done it one time, it is no problem.

Although the Bluetooth used in the LawnBott LB3500 has a range of 300 feet, most phones have a range of only 30 feet.  With Bluetooth, the shortest range is the maximum effective distance.  However, 30 feet should  be plenty for most uses.

Driving the robot mower with my Bluetooth is fun and easy.  The turns are smooth and very fine so you can get in and out the tightest areas with ease.  The responsiveness of the mower is immediate, there is no lag time between pressing a direction and the mower accepting the commands.

The entire control panel and programming is accessible though the Bluetooth device as well.  So there is no need to bend down to go through the torture of programming through the cascading control panel.

The menu on the telephone takes a little getting used to, but once you understand what is where, navigating the programming menus is easy.


At first I thought Bluetooth would be the main feature of the LawnBott LB3500.  Then I thought it would be a gimmick.  Now it goes back to the feature category, anyone who has spent time over the LawnBott Evolution, or even a Robomower, going through the menu will agree with me.

Now that we have covered the mower inside and out how difficult is it to actually set up?

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Technical Information 
Coverage38,000 sq/ft
Coverage Per Hour3,100 sq/ft
Mower Size (Length x Width x Height)26x19x11
Weight with Battery28 lbs.
Cutting Disc4 blade
Cutting Width14
Cutting Height1-3
Cutting Speed65 feet/minute
Average Working Time3 hours
Charging Time2.5 hours
Battery TypeLithium Ion x 2
Hill Capability30 degrees
Auto RechargeYES
Auto ProgrammingYES
Rain SensorYES
Remote ControlBluetooth
Drive System2WD
Software Update by InternetYES
Kryptronic Internet Software Solutions