LawnBott LB3500 Review- LawnBott LB3500 Installation

What good would a review do without a confession? In truth I pulled up the charging station for my Robomower RL1000 and replaced it with the LawnBott LB3500 charger, 4 minutes later we were live!  So, if you are looking to replace your Robomower RL1000, the LB3500 will work just fine.

If you want to upgrade from your LawnBott Evolution, you are going to need to redo the wire because the LawnBott Evolution is much thinner and so the the wire is much closer to obstacles.

The Installation page is an excellent reference for those interested in learning how easy it is to install the perimeter wire.

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Although the above video is for the LawnBott Evolution, it applies equally to the LawnBott LB3500, just the distance of the wire from objects are a little farther away since the LB3500 is wider.

The wire is laid, now what?

First I had to download the software for the telephone and pair the phone with the LawnBott.  I will leave that for another article. 

Next, with a press of a button and the excitement of Christmas morning,  I ordered the lawnmower out the docking station.  It backed out, turned right and stopped.  After a few seconds I could hear the blades ramping up and off it went.

I really expected it to be faster than the LawnBott Evolution, instead it turns out to be a hair slower.  If it counts for anything, it looks fast!

As luck would have it, the LawnBott LB3500 headed straight for the big concrete bird bath, Whack!  The mower stopped, backed up, turned right and off it went again heading for the border.  This time it crossed the wire, stopped, backed up, turned right and took off again.

The LawnBott LB3500 turns right for a while and then turns left for a while.  While the turns appear to be random, it is really a well thought-out software program.

The LawnBott LB3500 crisscrossed the yard in a very quiet, methodical manner. For those interested in more detailed information about the cutting pattern algorithms of LawnBott mowers please see How Do I Know the LawnBott Will Cut My Whole Yard?

One of the first things I noticed compared to the LawnBott Evolution is how all 4 wheels stay on the ground.  The LawnBott Evolution has a tendency to bounce, it really doesn't affect the cut of the yard, and if you didn't have the LB3500 to compare it to, you wouldn't notice it.  As good as the Evolution looks mowing, the LB3500 looks even better.

The LawnBott LB3500 is quiet.  Almost as quiet as the LawnBott Evolution and much quieter than the Robomower RL1000.  It is difficult to hear the mower blades at 25 feet.

Upgrading and playing with the new features that come out is also something I enjoy. 

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Technical Information 
Coverage38,000 sq/ft
Coverage Per Hour3,100 sq/ft
Mower Size (Length x Width x Height)26x19x11
Weight with Battery28 lbs.
Cutting Disc4 blade
Cutting Width14
Cutting Height1-3
Cutting Speed65 feet/minute
Average Working Time3 hours
Charging Time2.5 hours
Battery TypeLithium Ion x 2
Hill Capability30 degrees
Auto RechargeYES
Auto ProgrammingYES
Rain SensorYES
Remote ControlBluetooth
Drive System2WD
Software Update by InternetYES
Kryptronic Internet Software Solutions