LawnBott Professional Review

This is a commentary and comparison on the Lawnbott Professional, renamed LB2000.  I wouldn't call it a review really.  I was supposed to do a review and then the U.S. distributor told me they were going to drop the Lawnbott LB2000 at the end of 2006.  Well, that is not going to happen in fact the Lawnbott Professional is now safe through 2008 and probably beyond.  So I owe you something about this fine machine.

The Lawnbott LB2000 is a very good, reliable mower that is squeezed between the well known, competitively priced Robomower RL1000 and the full-featured (best selling) Lawnbott Evolution.

It now appears that the Lawnbott Professional is going to be around for a very long time.  I couldn't be happier and here's why:

It is assumed that you have read the reviews on the Robomower RL1000, Lawnbott Evolution, and the comparison review of the two.

Evolution Comparison

The Lawnbott LB2000 is the same size as the Lawnbott Evolution and has slightly more primitive software.  The two lead acid batteries pump up the weight to 42lbs versus 22 lbs for the Lawnbott Evolution.

The added weight is actually a benefit.  In thicker grass the Evolution has a tendency to glide over some areas while the Professional will keep the wheels on the ground.  (I'm going to get calls from the distributor over that comment!)

While the Lawnbott Evolution has a smart spiral, the LB2000 uses a random spiral.  The Professional will start this spiral when it senses that it is in an open area while the Evolution will use the smart spiral when it detects high grass.

The Lawnbott Evolution has a self-programming feature that I dearly, dearly love.  The Lawnbott LB2000 can be programmed to go out up to twice a day.  For ,000 I could probably live without the self-programming feature (but I wouldn't want to).

The Lawnbott Professional doesn't come with a remote or a winterize kit.  The remote is no big deal since I only use it during fairs and festivals demonstrating the really neat features of the Lawnbott line.  I can't think of a time when I have recently used it in my yard.

The winterize kit is a big deal since the lead acid batteries need to be kept properly charged. This is a option.

The Lawnbott LB2000 has a rated slope usage of 12 degrees because it takes longer to stop on a slope because of the added weight. It has little trouble climbing steeper slopes, it just needs a little extra time to brake at the bottom.  If your yard is flatter at the bottom, then you might want to take a closer look at the Lawnbott Professional.

The LB2000 is a little slower moving at about 80% of that of the Lawnbott Evolution and close to the speed of the Robomower.

Robomower RL1000 Comparison

Except as noted above the Lawnbott Professional performance is very similar to the Lawnbott Evolution.

The Lawnbott LB2000 is designed to handle up to 3/4 acre, which is 50% greater than the Robomower RL1000. 

The Professional can get into some  very, very tight spaces.  While the Robomower needs about 5 1/2 ft width.  So if you have flowerbeds or trees, the Lawnbott LB2000 is worth a closer look.

The Professional can run longer and more often than the RL1000.  I don't know how really advantageous this is as far as a better looking yard, but it should be noted.

The big advantage that the Robomower RL1000 holds is in (theory) safety.  The 360 bumper sensor and newest '06  software really does make the Robomower line about as safe as one can expect from a lawn mower, robotic or otherwise.

That being said, the Lawnbott LB2000 in no way should be considered dangerous, as a lawn mower goes (after all it has a spinning blade!)  Robotic lawn mowers, like my wife, are best left alone unless they scream for attention.  Mowing at night or during schools hours are common practices.

I demonstrate at a lot of fairs and festivals.  People prefer the garage of the Lawnbott to the open charging base of the Robomower.  It doesn't matter that they are both weatherproof.  There is an innate mindset about leaving a ,500+ piece of machinery out in an open yard. 

So, Kerry, What Do You Think?

I suppose I have been asked close to 1,000 times over the last year which I prefer, the Lawnbott Evolution or the Robomower RL1000.  That is just not fair.  The Lawnbott Evolution is more feature packed and more expensive.

Comparing the the Lawnbott LB2000 to the Robomower RL1000 makes more sense.  They have similar features and are in the same price range

The quality of the cut is equal, and the warranty and warranty service are equal.  They have both proven to be highly reliable and great conversation pieces.

The ability to get into tighter spaces, the greater coverage, and the enclosed garage, just give the Lawnbot LB2000 the edge over the Robomower RL1000.

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