Robomow by Friendly Robotics

Robomow automatic lawn mowers from Friendly Robotics help homeowners save time and effort keeping the outside of one�s house neat and clean. With Robomow robotic mowers people can trim their lawns neatly and quietly at any time of the day or night. There is no need to work weekends with these devices on the job.

Since Robomow runs automatically, homeowners can cut the grass while the kids are in school or in the dead of night while everyone is asleep. And, because the Robomow machines are quiet, people don�t have to worry about waking their neighbors.

Robomow is also good for the environment, as these electrically charged and recharged devices use no gas or oil and create zero emissions. With Robomow safety is also a premium.

The Robomow devices are relatively slow so that humans and pets can move out of the way. Also, the Robomow automatic lawn mowers can detect rocks, trees, people, pets and other obstacles.

All models of Robomow are equipped with Child Guard to protect children from operating the machine. The Robomow are also equipped with a lift sensor that stops the blades when the item is lifted.

Other safety features of the Robomow include:

Many potential buyers are concerned with running their Robomow devices in the rain. While it is not recommended that the Robomow operate in the middle of a severe thunderstorm, in most instances rain will not damage the unit.

With Robomow there is also no need to collect clippings as grass is cut finely into mulch and the mulch falls down among the rest of the grass. Needed nutrients are returned to the earth as the fine grass fertilizes the lawn. The Robomow mowers are even equipped with edge mode to trim areas around sidewalks, garden, patios and the perimeter of the home.

Robomow does require a short setup time in order to work properly. Homeowners must place a wire perimeter around their lawns in order that the Robomow knows where to go and where not to go, such as the neighbor�s lawn.

Once this is set up, then it takes a couple of minutes to program the machine to the user�s preferences, such as times and days to operate, and everything is all set to work as planned. And, the Robomow is much cheaper to operate than a gasoline-power machine as electrical costs for a year typically come in at under .

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