Top Ten Reasons to Get a Robotic Lawn Mower

1. Because it works!  Are the other nine really needed?  Customer satisfaction runs over 95% for owners of robotic lawn mowers.  Considering that most people who buy robotic lawn mowers are not technically oriented, that is pretty incredible.  Better trained service dealers can push that number up to the very edge of 100%.

2. Environmentally friendly.  Maybe this should be number one?  Since they burn no gas or oil, LawnBott and Robomower mowers do not contribute to the pollution problem.  5% of all pollution comes from traditional lawn mowers.

3. A more beautiful yard. Use less water and less fertilizer.  Since robotic lawn mowers mow often, there is less thatch and disease problems.  It requires less water and far less fertilizer for a much greener, healthier yard.

4. What will the neighbors think?  I've written many articles about my neighbors.  It still amazes me how many people drive-by hoping to catch a glimpse of one of my Robomower RL1000 or LawnBott Evolution robotic lawn mowers in action.

5. What will you do with the extra time?  I mean does camping, golfing, and fishing really sound that appealing?

6. Very Low Maintenance.  Change the blades once a year and replace the batteries when they no longer hold a charge well enough to cut your yard. Robomower and LawnBott mowers are designedto last 7-10 years.

7. They can now mow autonomously without human help all season long.  Robomower and LawnBott go out on there own, mow, go back to the charger, and go back out again time after time after time.  How neat is that?

8. They are safe.  In 2005 there were 72,000 emergency room visits involving lawn mowers.  ZERO involving robotic lawn mowers. 

9. Very Long Life Expectancy. Robotic lawn mowers come with a two year warranty on the mower and one year on the battery. Robomower and LawnBott robotic lawn mowers won't wear out.  All the parts are replaceable. 

10. Prices are going to be going up, not down.  There is considerable research and development costs that go into building a robotic lawn mower.  To make them commercially viable takes a great deal of capital.  Currently the US is about ,000 cheaper than the same model in Europe, expect US prices to go up to match European prices, not European prices to come down.

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