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Kinetic Kracker

The Kinetic Kracker has a new old look! We went back to the original Kinetic Kracker design with the original speed and parts.

Kinetic Kracker Reliability

The Electric Pecan Cracker is still just as reliable. We have people call who've been using their Kinetic Kracker for over 20 years. When I asked if this is a to replace their worn out Kinetic Kracker, they'll tell me "Heck No! This new one is for my kid so he'll leave ours alone."

One lady was so tickled with her 3 year old Kinetic Kracker she bought one for her mother AND mother-in-law. In today's throw-away society it is nice to find something that is going to last.

I hear so many stories of people who've used the Duke Pecan Cracker or the Reed's Rocket Pecan Cracker for years. After one season with the Electric Pecan Cracker, they are back buying them as gifts for others.

My in-laws have three pecan trees. They used to use the Duke Pecan Cracker. I asked them why don't they just get a brick and smash their fingers? It'll hurt less than all the work it takes to pick out all the pecan meat. The Kinetic Kracker will have about 35% pecan halves right out of the machine. The rest is generally light shelling, certainly a lot less effort than manual pecan cracking.

Kinetic Kracker Gives Each Pecan Shell Individual Attention

Think of how consistent you use the Duke Pecan Cracker. You use about the same pressure and effort on each pecan, right? Sometimes you get tired or faster and you barely crack the pecan shell or with too much pressure and the pecan meat gets squsihed. The Kinetic Kracker senses each pecan and gives the right amount of pressure to crack the pecan shell without destroying the pecan meat.

Kinetic Kracker is Fast Enough for Home Use

The old Kinetic Kracker rotates at 26RPM instead of the Kinetic II or III that cracks only 20 pecans per minute.

If you are looking for a highly reliable, easy to use, pecan cracker, then the Electric Pecan Cracker is what you want. It is something your grandchildren will be able to pass on to their grandchildren.

Don't forget to check out the optional speed control pedal so you get the most out of your Kinetic Kracker

Our Price: $399.95

Reviews and Ratings


By: Bnaboy on 10/28/2013 05:52:23 PM

50 lbs of pecans later: I'm impressed. My old hand cracker gave me a "whole pecan" rate of about 15-20%. The rest were pieces. This electric cracker is the exact opposite. 75-80% easily come out of their shells as "whole". It's cracks all the way through usually, but no damage to nut. Quite remarkable. Every once in a while, you end up with one that is still hard to shell afterwards, and I just run it back through machine the next go around. It's not nearly as loud as I had imagined or saw on video. You still have to use your hands and finger to remove meat from shell, but this machine takes the headache out of cracking pecans. I'm hooked ! I also was upsold the nut wizard rolling collector. I didn't want it. Guy on the phone was nice, so I agreed. I was wrong. That works extremely well and now realize how much I was punishing my back for no reason.


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