Automatic Walnut Cracker

Automatic Walnut Cracker

The Drill Cracker, automatic walnut cracker can shell english walnuts, black walnuts, hazelnuts,macadamia nuts, filbert nuts, and chestnuts, in record time.

Originally designed as a hazel nut cracker, with a slight modification to the floating anvil, it was discovered that it became a high-speed walnut cracker as well.

The Drill Cracker is made out of light weight aluminum that will last for decades.

Simply attach a 1/2" drill to the Drill Cracker automatic nut cracker and get crackin'!

I have just finished testing Drill cracker on black walnuts and it did a FANTASTIC job!

For latest information please go to Drill-Cracker.com.

Retail: $479.00
On Sale: $449.95
You Save: 7%

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