This long handle nutcracker allows you to open the hardest of black walnuts with minimal effort. The Hard Shell Walnut Nutcracker is built out of solid steel and is made to last. The patented design cracks the nut outward, leaving the nutmeat in large pieces

The Hard Shell Walnut Nutcracker can easily be set to crack Macadamia nuts, Hazelnuts, and Black Walnuts. By apply less pressure you can crack softer shelled nuts, however, this nutcracker stands out when facing the toughest of nuts.

You can mount the Hard Shell Nutcracker either vertically or horizontally. Mounting the Nutcracker horizontally on a board (2x8x24 inches, not included) allows it to be portable and easily stored during the offseason. If you decide to mount the machine vertically remember the handle should be positioned at a comfortable level.

Please remember:

  • Too much pressure will shatter the nutmeat. Differing amounts of pressure are needed for different types and sizes of nuts.
  • Black Walnuts crack best if they are not to dry.
  • Avoid storing Black Walnuts near a heat source. The heat can dry the nuts out.
Our Price: $54.95

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