Duke Pecan Cracker

Duke Pecan Cracker

Duke's Easy Pecan and Nut Cracker is a traditional style pecan cracker. This all steel nut cracker is designed for ease of use. The handle is designed for a comfortable grip, while the steel lever ensures it will not break for many years to come. The cracking cup is reversible to ensure the smallest of native pecans can be cracked. This cracker is designed for all medium and soft shelled nuts, including english walnuts.

My grandparents have three pecan trees in their front yard and each year at the beginning of pecan season we break out the rollers and start picking them up. At the start of the season my grandfather will use this Duke Cracker when we only have a few in the buckets. Later in the year we break out our Kinetic Krackers to do the bulk of the work. Throughout the season he will still use his Duke Easy Pecan Cracker whenever he wants to eat a few fresh pecans.

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