Mini Pea Sheller

Mini Pea Sheller
Mini Pea Sheller
Mini Pea Sheller
Mini Pea Sheller
Mini Pea Sheller

Taylor Mini Pea Sheller

Light enough to carry under your arm, small enough to store in a closet, yet strong enough to shell nearly 3 bushels of purple hull peas an hour!

Can It Shell Butter Beans
Yes, as well as crowder and zipper peas.  The rollers easily adjust from purple hull peas, black-eyes peas, and cram 40's to butter beans in less time than a NASCAR pit stop.

Innovative Roller Design
The adjustable rollers are the key design behind the Mini Sheller being able to easily shell so many different types of peas and beans.  With easy adjustments you are able to shell different thicknesses of pods.  The adjustable rollers can be set to go from purple hull to mature butter beans in seconds.  The rollers have been uniquely designed to rip the hulls rather than push them out the back.  This dramatically reduces bruising and increases yield.  If the rollers are too hard, the peas won't go through, too soft and they mash the peas.  

The Mini Sheller has a complete belt guard and roller guards for front and exit.  This prevents accidentally a hand or hair getting caught in the rollers during use.  An on/off switch is conveniently located on cord.

1/10 HP Motor
The American made motor on the Mini Sheller is fan-cooled and thermal protected for long life.  The over-sized motor can handle the toughest job.  It will not bog down even under a heavy load of butter beans.

Once in a Lifetime Purchase
The aluminum body will not rust.  The mechanics of the Mini Sheller are backed by 50 years of pea shelling manufacturing.  This is a family heirloom that your grandchildren can pass on to their grandchildren.  We have been using as demonstrations in our office a Taylor Little Sheller built in 1973.  Just like the Taylor Little Sheller, the Mini Sheller will still be shelling 40 years from now.

Limited Quantity

Once pea shelling season is in full swing, the production demand on our manufacturers of already offered products will leave limited time to manufacture this personally requested  bean sheller.  I am guaranteed a set number for shipping by June 7th.   After that, I am on an "as available" manufacturing schedule.  What this means is if you order now you are guaranteed a Mini Sheller to ship to you on or before that date. 

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