Pecan Cracking Machine

Pecan Cracking Machine
Pecan Cracking Machine
Pecan Cracking Machine
Pecan Cracking Machine

Nut Cracking Machine Power

Start cracking your Pecans in commercial shelling volumes using the Pecan Cracking Machine. Make the most of your nut season by maximizing the quantity of your shelled nutmeat harvest with the ability to crack and shell 35lbs of pecans, English walnuts, or even peanuts per hour without having to haul your nuts to a commercial shelling house. Perfect to set up at Farmer's Markets, the Cracking Machine saves you time and effort with the ability to shell pecans and enjoy 80%-90% of pecan nutmeat halves and 90%-95% of English walnut meat halves every time.

Portable Nut Cracking

The Cracking Machine features wheels along with its sturdy nut cracking design so you can easily transport it to Farmer's Markets or other venues that you may want to use it at. Simply plug in, adjust the hand jack using the site gauge as a reference, flip the switch, and start manually hand feeding your nut harvest into the machine. Once all of your pecans, walnuts, or peanuts have been cracked and partially shelled, sort out all of your delicious nutmeat to sell or freeze for later.

American Made Durability

The Cracking Machine is completely manufactured right here in America with industrial grade materials. The sheller is made from a mild steel has been primed and painted with an oil based paint to aid in the crackers ability to withstand a range of outdoor elements making it durable enough to be stored in your barn or shed for years to come. The Pecan Cracking Machine requires minimal maintenance, usually only needing to have the bearings greased yearly. A 120-volt gear motor turns a cage housed motor which is easily adjusted with a hand jack to fit the size of your pecans, English walnuts, or even peanuts. The machine sheller measure 40" tall x 23" long x 24" wide and weighs approximately 130lbs.

Perfect Calibration

When you order your own Pecan Cracking Machine, we request that you send a quart of your pecans to the manufacturer to have your cracking machine calibrated to work best with your size pecans. This ensures that when you receive this fine pecan cracker, that you can get right to work! We will contact you after your order with the information on where to send your pecans.

Our Price: $2,750.00

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