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Holt's Nut Wizards and Rollers

The Nut Wizard is a nut harvesting tool designed to make gathering nuts efficient and easy as well as saving your back in the process. Holt's Nut Wizard, Inc. is the "Originator" of the Nut Wizard, which is also referred to as the Nut Picker or Nut Harvesting Tool

Nut Wizard Small(Pecans)

The 12" Nut Wizard picks up slightly larger nuts, seeds, fruits, or balls between 1/2" and 2" in diameter; we recommend it for small and large sized native pecans, white oak, and crab apples.

Nut Wizard Medium (English Walnuts, Golf Balls)

Medium Nut Wizard 14" for English Walnuts, Chestnuts, Golf Balls

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Holt's Mini Nut Wizard (Ammo)

The Holt's Mini Nut Wizards collect Chinquapin acorns and beechnuts. Mostly the Mini Nut Roller is used to pick up spent brass casings.

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Holt's Large Nut Wizard

The Large Nut Wizard is a great black walnut roller, gum ball picker, picks up apple and pear sized fruit and tennis balls.

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Holt's Nut Wizard Dumper (Large)

This Nut Wizard Wire Dumper works great with emptying objects out of the Large Nut Wizard.

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Holt's Nut Wizard Dumper (Small)

This Nut Wizard Wire Dumper is specifically made for the Mini Nut Wizard, Ammo Wizard, Extra Small Nut Wizard, Small Nut Wizard, and Medium Nut Wizard.

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