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Kinetic Kracker Electric Pecan Cracker

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Kinetic Kracker Extra Parts

Kinetic Kracker Cup + Rubber Catches
$29.95 | In Stock
Kinetic Kracker Rubber Catch
$14.95 | In Stock

Electric Foot Pedal

Foot Switch for Kinetic Kracker
$34.95 | In Stock

Kinetic Kracker Electric Pecan Cracker

Orignal Kinetic Kracker Now Fast as Ever 1,560 Pecans an Hour!

Ships in 5-7 days

The ingenuity of the Kinetic Kracker is its ability to sense the pressure needed to precisely crack pecans. As the video above shows, a good bit of the time half the pecan easily clears the pecan shell while the other half of the pecan meat needs to be pulled from the pecan shell.

We sell a great many of these machines each year. We could sell more but the manufacturer has always had trouble keeping up with demand. People who buy the Kinetic Kracker come back to us to buy one for family and friends. If you are using a Duke Pecan Cracker or Reed's Rocket Pecan Cracker, the Kinetic Kracker will change your life!

I send my brother 10lbs of pecans each year for Christmas. My in-laws sell bags of pecans to a local store. We sell Kinetic Krackers to family-run restaurants that make pecan pies and pecan cake. There is even a guy in California who makes pecan peanut butter!

We always buy as many Kinetic Krackers as the company will sell us. However, it is never enough. It is best to order early. I doubt we will have any come peak pecan season.

Original Kinetic Kracker- Now 30% Faster!

We have brought back the Original Kinetic Kracker! The original cracks pecans at 1,560 per hour vs 1,200 for the Kinetic Kracker 2 or 3. Faster speed means more productivity.

We also installed an American made, fan cooled motor rather the the oriental non-fan cooled motor from the last couple years.

1 Year Warranty- Including Shipping!

If your Electric Pecan Cracker needs to be repaired we'll send out a call tag and pick it up at your door, fix it promptly and get it return it at no cost to you.



But hurry as supplies may go fast!

Electric Pecan Cracker

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