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Little Pea Sheller by Taylor

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Taylor Pea Sheller - The Little Pea Sheller that Can - Call (855) 743-5537 To Order

VERY Limited Supply! *Due to increasing shortages of raw materials and electronic components, production times have increased. Currently, a THREE-WEEK shipping date from time of purchase will apply*. Please Order NOW !

The 'Lil Pea Sheller is the biggest pea sheller for large gardens and light commercial use. The "Little" Pea Sheller is excellent for shelling black-eyed peas, crowders, lady fingers, white acres, and English peas. It can even handle mature butter beans.

Taylor Pea Sheller Operator Side View

taylor pea sheller

The Taylor Pea Sheller is much larger and more heavy duty than other residential/ light commercial pea shellers. The top quality 1/3 HP motor powers specially designed rollers made from high tensile strength material. The rollers are easily adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of peas and beans.

The Taylor Pea Sheller can hull 3-4 bushels per hour. I have found this claim to be quite realistic.Anyone who is serious about shelling can probably hull even more with the Little Pea Sheller!

Taylor Pea Sheller Exit Guard

Bean Sheller

Taylor Pea Sheller- Safety First!

The Taylor Pea Sheller has the best hair and hand guards I have seen. The rollers are protected by guards in the front AND exit. Hands and hair cannot practically get caught in the rollers.

The belt guard completely encloses the moving belt and drive wheels. All moving parts are protected against accidental contact.

The Taylor Pea Sheller is Simple to Operate

Just lay the unshelled peas or beans in the tray and slide them forward. The beans drop down into the basket and the hulls are ejected out the front. It doesn't get any easier than that!

Taylor Pea Sheller-Built to Last

In today's throw-away society it is nice to find something that is high quality and highly affordable. The Little Pea Sheller fits that description perfectly. The 'Lil Pea Sheller is built in America. I visit the plant regularly because I go to pick up my orders. These are good, down-home Americans that take Good Ol' Fashion American Pride in their workmanship. The Taylor Pea Sheller is something that your grandchildren will pass on to their grandchildren!

Taylor Pea Sheller Key Features

  • Motor- 1/3 HP 115 volt 60hz, Top Quality Resilient Mounted
  • Cord- Heavy Duty w/ Ground wire (3-prong)
  • Shafts- Special reinforced tri-stress steel
  • Pulleys- Aluminum die cast
  • Gears- High tensile strength steel for long wear
  • Frame- Heavy all aluminum construction designed to provide rigidity and longer service
  • Receiving Pan- 10 Qt. removable plastic
  • Weight- 35lbs
  • Operating Size- 14" high, 16 1/2" Wide and 27 1/2" long

Bamabots.com takes stock of almost everything we sell. That is why we can guarantee same day shipping. We sell only a few items because we buy in large quantity (mostly in the off season) and pass those savings on to you. We cut expenses, not service.

I don't recall ever getting a return on a Taylor Pea Sheller. That is why we offer no-restocking fee return on all Taylor Pea Shellers we sell.

We sell Taylor Pea Shellers at the lowest price on the internet because we buy factory direct in high volume and pick them up ourselves.

*Due to material shortages and production times, a three-week shipping date from time of purchase will apply.

Call (855) 743-5537 To Order

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