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The Snow Shaker

Remove Heavy Snow ē Prevent Broken Branches

Save branches and avoid costly tree repairs with the Snow Shaker! Heavy snow can weigh down branches and cause them to snap. This can harm trees, damage property, and endanger family, friends, and neighbors. The Snow Shaker is a simple solution thatís easy to set up and fun to use. Just attach the device to any standard extension pole or broom/mop handle and dislodge dangerous snow from your treeís branches.


The Snow Shaker connects easily to most extension poles or broom/mop handles.


Push up or pull down, YOU call the shakes!


Donít fight it; knocking snow off trees just FEELS GOOD.

How It Works

Shake Safely!

Safety is priority #1. To prevent injury, avoid power lines and do not work from a ladder. Use a long extension pole that allows you to stand clear of falling snow and debris.

Shake Gently!

Carefully jostle branches to dislodge snow. For best results, avoid letting snow accumulate too much before starting. During heavy storms, shake off snow buildup early and often. Excessive accumulation increases the risk of tree damage.

Shake Off Costly Repairs

Heavy snow can snap branches and costly tree repairs can break your budget. Shake off heavy snow before it damages your trees and lightens your wallet.